The commissioning of a brand new piece can be an extravagant experience. Having a work written specifically for your ensemble is thrilling. As the composer, I will be determined to work closely with you and your ensemble extensively throughout the commissioning process to create ideas for the work. Your involvement in the process can be at any level.

You have will earn full authority to suggest ideas on the performance or even naming the piece . I will always make sure you are involved in the process. After all, you are the one commissioning the work. Below are the fees I charge based on the duration of a new composition. As of now, I accept a limited number of commissions per year.

(For All Levels) –

Chamber Groups = $75 per minute
Wind Band = depends on grade level, style, and duration.

Rough estimation:

Grade .5 = $300 to $450

Grade 1 = $450 to $700

Grade 2 = $700 to $1000

Grade 3 =$1000 to $2000

Grade 4 = $2000-$3000

Grade 5 = $4000-$6000


  • All of the above prices are subject to change


Choral & Orchestral Groups = $185 per minute (approx.)

i.e — a five minute (5) piece for SATB choirs would cost around $925.

If you’ve decided you want to commission a work from me, firstly thank you, I am humbled and honored and I look forward to working with you. Secondly, please email me and I will respond as soon as possible with a time to discuss over phone or via Skype. My email is listed below. Again, Thank you for your interest in my music!

Email –

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