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Upcoming Projects

Arabian Adventures…….Grade 5+ (FALL 2016) (for/commissioned by Kevin Scott and the Maybrook Community Wind Symphony) * Will be premiered in Spring of 2016*

. About – Arabian Adventures will be a time lapse of fun, exploration, and culture. It explores various elements of eastern music  and celebrates the lively, adventurous, and finite adventure in Africa. It also has cinematic rapid fire tuttis and tangos that invite aboard musicians and audiences alike to improv and experience the African culture as well as Arabian culture. This piece hits very near to my heart. This stellar work for band features several passages that are suspended or open for improvisation. 


CITY LIGHTS…….Grade 4  *Chamber* (TBD) (Dedicated to & Commissioned by the Indianapolis Youth Saxophone Quartet)

.About – City Lights is definitely an ode to the beauty of Paris, France. Paris is known as the “City of Light”. Paris is not only the capital of France, but it’s also located in the heart of one of the most beautiful countries on planet earth. This city is known worldwide for it’s rich textures and phenomenal landscaping. The Eiffel tower is one of the most prominent monuments currently built in the City of Light. This piece captures the essence of time being in the gorgeous city of Paris, as well as depicts the illuminating colors of light beams coming from the many buildings. Upon hearing  this work you will have all ready put yourself, musically, in the city of Paris, strolling through the city with light french music behind you admiring the various aspects of “THE CITY OF LIGHT”.

Sailing Voyages…..Grade 3.5 (TBD) (Soon to be published by Carl Fischer Music)

.About – Sailing Voyages depicts a group of tourists sailing on high seas and exploring all the infinitude and beauty that is mother nature. This work utilizes the full breath of the ensemble and will surely be a favorite of advanced young musicians. 




Premonitions…….Grade 5 (SPRING 2016) (for/commissioned by Kevin Scott and the Maybrook Wind Symphony) * Will be premiered in May of 2016*

 . About – Premonitions is a piece that was inspired by the music of mentor and publisher, Larry Clark. Premonitions features raging woodwind flourishes, bold brass fanfares, heavy horn rips, and exciting and emotional melodies. This piece for very mature bands, encompasses several, powerful statements depicting what it feels like to have a premonition. Pay close attention to the lyrical middle section that features distinct meter changes and a gorgeous and shimmering theme that is set up with energy from the first section.  Truly breathtaking and heart-tugging! (Side quote: “Premonitions are not merely ordinary dreams, but instead a forewarning of what is to come. Are you listening?”)


Forever in Our Memories…….Grade 3 (SPRING 2016) (dedicated to all those who serve our country and premiered by the Lakehurst Community Wind Band) * Will be premiered in May of 2016*

 About – “Forever in our Memories” is a touching lyrical work and is a great method of teaching texture and phrasing to your students. Although, it’s written for rising bands, it remains very playable for more approaching and advanced bands. This piece, by distinguished young composer, Jay Coles, is beautifully simplistic featuring two simple melodies intertwined at the beginning that sends a message of tranquility and peace during the night. This intertwined melody comes back at the end and closes very powerfully. This provides yet another tool to teach expressive playing with emotional and lush melodic lines and harmonies. 


Commission from COMPOSER JAY COLES — Currently, Jay is accepting commissions and appearance requests for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years. Email him directly at Thank you for checking out this page.

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