Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band = (Grades 4-6)

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Gargantuan’s Wrath (Grade 4) $40.00 Add. Score – Free

(2011) – Symphonic Band

This piece tells the story of a village being attacked by a beast, a dragon, with a hideous beating heart and blood in it’s eyes. This work for symphonic bands will please any audience, with lots of woodwind runs and horn rips. Low brass and percussion will surely not disappoint with its constant flow of the beating of the heart and the village’s panic. Vibrant colors as well as massive dissonances can be heard in this piece. Is the village doomed?

Orchesis (Grade 5) $80.00 Add. Score – Free

(2011) – Symphonic Band

ORCHESIS: Legends of Thailand will be the highlight of any concert or festival performance. Listen to this piece tell a story of the origins of Thailand, and it’s conquering. Your low woodwinds will have a chance to finally shine, playing a sharp “snake charmer” like melody that keeps your audience and other members of the band on the edge of their seat, waiting for what’s going to happen next! 

Live By The Sword (Grade 4.5) $55.00 — Add. Score – Free

(2012) – Symphonic Band

“This massive musical juggernaut will leave hearts pounding hard, simply.  It is a bold and cinematic concert band work released in 2012 by popular young composer, Jay Coles. It expresses powerful low brass scenes, lively and choppy percussion rhythms, and flattering woodwind flourishes that gives life to the ensemble and excitement to the audience. This piece will surely leave crowds standing in awe upon finishing the work. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

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