Young Band

Young Band = (Grades .5 -2)

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Jubilant Fanfare (Grade 2) * Soon to be published with Warming Sun

(2011) – Young  Band

Teotihuacan Park (Grade 2)

(2013) – Young Band

This piece is written to pay homage to the large monument in the basin of Mexico built by the early Pre-Columbian American, and all it’s folklore that comes with it. This piece was exclusively composed to enter in the Frank Ticheli 2013 Composition Contest for young bands. This work is very fun, exciting, engaging, and hits the spot for many directors in need for concert and festival music. 

The Alamo, 1836 (Grade 1.5)

(2013) – Young Band

The Alamo, 1836 is about a battle during the American Civil War. The “Battle of the Alamo” was a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution. Following a 13-day siege, Mexican Troops under commodore and President Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna, launched an assault on the Alamo Mission. On this day, All of the Texican troops had fallen. Before seeking revenge Santa Anna had accomplished a long felt desire to take over what was righteously his. This battle ended in a Mexican victory, making it an essential part of United States History. Containing Latin flourishes, this piece celebrates the lives lost, while vividly imagining a hot dry battlefield in Texas.

Project Vulcan! (Grade 2+) * Soon to be published

(2014) – Young Band

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